This is how to return your failed hard drive to Western Digital

You may a times loss your data stored on the Western digital hard drive. However you can use hard drive recovery software’s such as the EaseUs to recover your lost data from the series of Western digital hard disk. It does not matter if the disk was formatted, or there is hard drive failure or system crush.

About The Western Digital hard disk drive

Due to the improvement and growth in the digital media world, most of the information is usually stored somewhere. And the most commonly used media storage is the hard drive which is the most integrant part of the computer. Western Digital is one of the famous producers of these hard drives. It is one of the most highly respected hard driver producers and it provides good performance hard drives called Western Digital hard disk drive.

Oftenly shortened as the WD hard disk, WDHDD, or WD hard drive, the Western Digital hard disk is non-volatile storage gadget which is used in storing digital data and information on fast rotating platters that have magnetic surfaces. In case you using the Western Digital hard disk, you need to have the knowledge about data loss issues since none of the hard drive manufacturers provide the data recovery services.

Procedure for returning a failed hard drive to Western Digital

You must have a Return Material authorization number for each return shipment to the Western Digital. The items on this shipment should match the true amounts of units, serial numbers indicated, and model numbers on the RMA.

  • You should also use the Western Digital approved packaging.
  • You should write the RMA number outside the box and it should be in bold letters.
  • You also use a traceable carrier that can be able to provide the proof of delivery and also keep a copy for your own record.
  • You should remove and keep all the third party cases , manuals, brackets, and disks. The said items should not be returned.
  • You should also be aware that the RMA number is only valid for 30 days from the date that it was issued.
  • You should track your RMA Status via this link

Note: WD keeps the serial number tracking, therefore any hard drive discovered to have been stolen will not have its warranty honored. And it will not be returned to the owner and no replacement or credit will be issued or processed.

Warranty claims that are avoided by WD

  • If the product got damaged at the time of transportation, maybe due to bad packaging.
  • If the product is modified, damaged, opened, or scratched.
  • If the products contains one or more WD labels removed, tampered with, or torn.
  • If any of these happens to any of the products then you will not be eligible for product replacement or will not be able to get your credit back.