Backup and Disaster Recovery; Hyper-V Server Virtualization

Data loss can be quite discouraging, and it takes the organization quite behind in operations and all their undertakings. There is, therefore, every need to back up the data for easy recovery when it’s needed. A lot of platforms exists to facilitate this. Backups should, however, be done as regular as possibly to minimize the […]

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A little about Acronis Backup

Macaronis is a software that provides services like backup, data recovery, storage organization, system A little about Acronis Backup operation and securing accessibility plus sharing of data. Its services are offered virtually and from its cloud server.  This article will focus on the frequently asked question; what is Acronis Backup?  Acronis Backup is a software […]

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How To Recover Lost Data In QuickBooks

Recover Lost Data

When important data is lost in QuickBooks, you do not have to stress yourself. There is a solution for this. You can recover lost data in QuickBooks by using Auto Data Recovery software. This software is effective and delivers excellent results. However, it does not work with all versions of QuickBooks. The software is designed […]

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Recovering files from a corrupt SD card

It is possible to get back your files from an SD card that is no longer functioning. Data recovery services Tampa You can also recover photos, images, videos and other data from a damaged SD card. Expandable storage has many benefits but it also has it’s disadvantages too. SD cards are very convenient since they […]

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These are the best electronic repair books you need

Electronics have become part of human life however, they are prone to breakdowns. This makes it necessary to fix the problem in order to continue using your electronic device. It is difficult to fix these problems due to their complexity and design. Most electronic manufacturers have limited the repair information to the few centers making […]

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Top Computer Forensics Books


Sometimes known as computer forensic science. Computer forensics is the practice of collecting, analyzing and reporting on digital data in a way that is legal. It can be used in the detection and prevention of crime and in any dispute where evidence is stored digitally. It is most often associated with the investigation of a […]

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