A little about Acronis Backup

Macaronis is a software that provides services like backup, data recovery, storage organization, system A little about Acronis Backup operation and securing accessibility plus sharing of data. Its services are offered virtually and from its cloud server. 

This article will focus on the frequently asked question; what is Acronis Backup? 

Acronis Backup is a software that recovers and partitions data, folders and records, this software has been severally declared the greatest backup solution is existing.

A little about Acronis Backup

The reason being, it backs up every utilized segment on a drive to one file, and it makes both the incremental and differential images, not forgetting full images. 

The incremental images:

all the modifications made since the last backup while 

The differential images:

is the modifications made since the first backup 

The Acronis backup also recognizes and recovers data from virtual formats, like those utilized by the VMWare and the Virtual PC 2007 hard drives. 

Virtual storage 

This is creating a backup of your files online and viewing them through the local client or a web portal. It makes it possible for consumers to access or recover their files from anywhere and transfer them wherever they want via the internet. 

After backup, Acronis offers features like program compression, execution, encryption and support for detachable and visual media. Recently, they added the feature of Backup Reserve copy that makes another copy of the backup on a second location. 

The Acronis backup is very efficient in that, through both its Android and IOS applications, the consumers can synchronize their relevant documents across all their computer and devices. Although its downside is that, for consumers to sync devices, they must first subscribe for online storage, a subscription that is not offered in every version. 

 Acronis Backup versions 

The Acronis’ 2015 version, True Image, has tools that help you generate a recovery media in the USB or the Optical disc design and create a concealed recovery segment on the hard drive. This Acronis True Image has similar features to the Acronis Windows Backup and Recovery Sever, especially in their imaging processes. 


  • The Acronis True Image is available in several subscriptions that are listed below with their prices, which cover for program updates and synchronizing. 
  • – Personal $49.95, it is used on a single PC, three PCs or Mac goes for $79.95 
  • – The Unlimited version that allows online storage goes for $99.95 for one computer and $169.95 per year for three computers. 

Acronis Windows’ Backup Server

It helps protect data stored on a Window Server Operating System; it is used to simplify and automate the procedure of data recovery. It has new strategies that are directed towards Virtual, Cloud and server unification. 

Both the Acronis imaging Server and the Acronis Windows Backup Server can be used to collect backups of data that are on your server, or to Image your Windows Server. 

From this explanation, one can conclude that Acronis Backup fast, powerful and flexible backup software that has many useful features. It is, however, complex especially.

The option to adjust normal disk structures, making it more suitable for the IT experts than for local businesses owners or consumers. Therefore, local businesses and consumers and advised to use its manual to efficiently use its features.

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